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We carry a civilian focused cadre of highly skilled individuals who are absolute experts in each of their respective fields. Our civilian instructors understand and teach Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) across the nation and around the world. They comprehend the subject at hand in the world of EMS medicine and do not simply force EMS medicine into the tactical operational medical world. We recognize there are certain boundaries that cannot be crossed, and we follow your medical direction and control absolutely, without compromise. Our instructors are extremely good. They have proven themselves in areas of law enforcement as SWAT Medics, or while serving on active fire departments, many of whom still do. For them, EMS training is a passion that can only be quenched through training. We do not offer boring power point driven classes simply to meet a certification criteria. We pride ourselves on causing students to reach beyond their expectations and experience learning on an entirely new level.  Our instructors are highly respected leaders in their respective departments, be it fire, disaster medicine, sports medicine, tactical law enforcement medicine and more. We have lived it, experienced it, and absolutely love showing their students how powerfully capable they can be when it comes to taking control and saving lives. Our mission is training, and no one does it better.

We have an extensive cadre of combat tested medics from the SOF arena as well as the conventional forces. Each of them has proven themselves not only to save lives in combat but also as capable professional instructors. We have been training the US and Coalition military forces for over 14 years and we were the first individuals to write the approved “gold standard” medical training curricula approved by the Medical Officer of the United States Marine Corps, Admiral Jefferies, in 2008. We were challenged by the Commander of FMTB East to draft and seek approval for our training curricula, and we did. Our original syllabi and student reference manuals set the standard (according to Headquarters Health Services for the USMC). We are proud of that fact, and we have never forgotten the importance and honor of that distinction—to train effectively, efficiently, and properly so that lives are saved on the battlefield. We carry a complete list of training courses ranging from 1-day to 6-day courses; all of them including an comprehensive field training exercise using advanced patient models. We devote our training to focus on the guidelines and specific skills set forth in the Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS), Military Manual, 8th edition, as well as those set forth by the Committee for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC). We constantly update, review and perfect our training programs to proudly be the best available anywhere, for any price. We do not rest on what we did five years ago, we are in a constant struggle with ourselves to be better tomorrow than we were today—and no one works harder than we do at being the best, and making your medics perform at the same level. For us, training is everything and everything is training—it is what we do everyday.

We can and will build training courses that meet the unique mission and needs of our clients the world over. We recognize that not all mission profiles are serviced by following the curricula established by TEMS, PHTLS or TCCC, and as such, our training planners will carefully evaluate your mission, your training needs and your available time and assets to create effective and cost adjusted training plans that will help you make certain your personnel are ready to perform at the highest levels whenever called upon to do so. We account for every minute of your training time, and we not only train and measure training, we produce useable training evaluations (video, photo, pre and post training evaluations and assessments) to map progress at the individual and collective levels. We will design whatever you need, at the time and price you request, then we will get the course approved, and be able to offer CEU’s through the appropriate agencies to keep your personnel certified or re-certified on an annual basis—focusing on a course that meets your needs, not someone else’s. Custom courses are not out of reach; we can and will make it happen for you.